Green around the gills -3

I can't believe I am writing about it again! I don't know whether to rejoice or worry. As of now, we are past caring. We are just going to let our lawyers do the job and yeah we might have to cancel yet another vacation. After the first canceled one to Galapagos we am still upset and now the second one? V is fed up and upset.. there is nothing I can do. It is quite clear that a green card wins over our vacations... hmm are we jinxed or what? No she is not canceling our cruise to Alaska till the lawyers file our I-485s !
And you guys get lucky.. keep your fingers crossed please for either of the two choices 1) cruise to Alaska 2) Green Card! Take you pick!


Krish Ashok said...

Easy. Cruise to Alaska. Meet Grizzly Bears. Share a few salmon with them. Convery regards to your namesake (Winnie the ....) and then cruise back. Green cards will always come. But once the US starts drilling for oil in alaska, the bears will go away