The overhyped V-day

I always feel Valentine's day is a over-hyped holiday.. well you don't need a day to tell you love your better half. The saccharine sweet cards, the hearts and teddy bears just seems to be an overkill. It is just a commercial gimic to get people to the shops. Anyway's coming to the issue on hand.. I wonder what V and R are planning for tomorrow.... V is always the romantic... the chocolates and roses kind of gal... and especially now she needs all the chocolates in the world..she has been going through a busy busy time.. school and homework and take homes and dance practices (that is another story in itself.. will post about it soon) and above all the shifting to the new house is zapping all her energy off... She is waiting for a break if she gets one...poor dear
Hang on till morrow when I get to know what V and R did for the over-hyped Valentines day...
And also note: am looking for a date for morrow...with V and R in their world of red and pink hearts I'll be left all alone.. any takers? am lovable, sweet and a promise a wonderful time at my new cave!