Time to flex my muscles

It is time to flex my muscles and start working... its the BIG moving day... it is one of the things I hate to do but it has to be done and the results are wonderful... There are some movers coming in and the big stuff is ready to be transported to my new cave. R and me are in charge... V is busy at work, she has to listen to someone lecture on "Morphological and multiscale modeling of random media problems"... wonder what that means? Might be V could do a guest column on my blog about "random media problems"
I do wish V was around serving us wonderful cold lemonade as I work.. unfortunately not.. but she has promised to get me cookies...
I am going to be busy the weekend, moving things over and then the internet connection and phone services are being transferred. Please friends bear with me during this transition time. I might not call you or answer my phone or emails or scraps but I promise to be back with a bang and lots of new pictures to share.