Pooh we go

Life as a stuffed toy in the homes of V and R is fun! But at times when they go to their own human world I am left all alone and then I decided to start blogging!Here's Pooh's take on the world - human and bear!
Well enclosed in my world I live quite happily with V and R and share my small world with doggy (who holds a special place in V's life... it was R's welcome home gift to V), the NO (New Orleans!!) bear (R got it on a trip to NO when V and R were engaged) and the turtle ( R won it at one of the numerous try-your-luck centers in Universal Studios, Orlando)
More about me... I have been a part of V's life long before she even knew about R. I shared all her joys and sorrows... I remember the days and nights sitting on the big swing in V's home back in Trichy laughing, eating and crying over broken hearts and crushes!! I have always been a part of her life. She met R and made me move over to the US of A and live in the so-called land of dreams.
Life here enclosed between four cardboard walls seems weird after living in large homes with larger gardens. V's assortment of cousins and friends were always around and home was filled with happiness and laughter. Today within these self-imposed walls and friends coming in rarely on weekends, neighbors being strangers life goes on and here I find my outlet!!
Watch out for more of my ramblings in this human world with V and R!!