Dance like no one is watching!

This is for V!
For those who don't know.. V learns and performs Bharatnatyam (an ancient Indian classical dance form) with Sunanda's performing arts center (SPAC) in Houston. She has been with SPAC for a little more than a year and she just loves it. Weekends are time for classes and practice sessions...They practice in a studio in Stafford,TX... Interested in joining SPAC? Email V or leave a comment and I'll get back to you..
Kinkinni is SPAC's first annual dance recital in Houston. And it is going to be an interesting event.. with live orchestra and music. V is in a dance drama depicting the ten avatars of Vishnu - Dasavataram....
Their group has been practicing hard... and there is a long way to go before they can be on stage on the 18th of March...
Be there to enjoy a evening of classical dance and music
Remember March 18th, Old Stafford Civic Center, 5.00pm
For more details and tickets, contact me!!
And to all the gals at SPAC... good luc!