The circus called family

As I see it, family is just a circus.. they can make you laugh, cry, ponder over facts and even push you to the extreme... yes I know there are times when you wish you could kill one of those so called well-meaning relatives, who always have an advise for the unknown occasion....At such situations I envy R.. he can easily ignore things he doesn't want to hear and forget them... unlike V who remembers everything and stews over things...
The laughing part is fine... but it is the crying part that remains forever... you never forget the stinging words someone said to you...V am sure has millions of such memories pushed back to the corner of her mind and believe me they come out at least expected times creating another round of those scary knife throwing moments!!
These are some tips I have learnt on how to deal with the family circus and their ringmasters
- Always have a plastic smile mask on your face.... smile and smile and smile... and greet everyone..remember those clowns in the circus
- But never spend more than a few minutes with any well-meaning relative... quickly make your escape.. remember those acrobats? swing in and out and they make a ever-lasting impact..
- Never sit around idle when there are relatives around.. act busy..
- Never argue with the well-meaning relatives.. just smile at the unwanted advise they dish out and say "I'll try" and check out nearest escape route
- Always have a place to vent off... like V does to R after every major encounter... crib/cry whatever and get it off and get ready with your mask for the next show..
Life goes smile and you keep moving..
Good luck with your family circus!!