We were at Chennai Egmore heading towards Trichy and my dad pointed out to this board and asked us to read what was written in Tamil. Go ahead try reading it if you know Tamil.
We could really not make head or tail out of it and then he pointed to the English version.

Phew! Reading a so easy English sentence in Tamil is quite strange. I strongly recommend Coffee Day to have a tamil tag line instead of writing "A lot can happen over coffee" in Tamil. On the same note, Parfait 3 whose tag line goes "Bistro more than a cafe" sounds really strange when you read it in Tamil.

The writings are clearer when you click on the photos


Anonymous said... these shops do this madness on their own free will or is it a dictate of the govt??
we hv similar of madness in b'bay too... they want all shops to hv their names written in if they already hv a english board they are supposed to change it to a marathi+eng one...but noonez doing translation of full taglines yet..thank god fr that!!

Kavi said...


The Cafe Day in Madurai has the english byline. I wonder why they wrote that in Tamizh !!

Every organisation has blokes who have risen to their levels of incompetence i think !

Homecooked said...

LOL...dont know Tamil but could read the bit in Hindi :)

Pooh! said...

@Mandira - the TN Govt does mandate shop names be in Tamil also. But have not heard about tag lines in Tamil. Instead of writing a English line in Tamil it would be better if they created a Tamil tag line!

@ Kavi - I know we need to promote Tamil and stuff but this is heights! It is like mocking Tamil and Tamil readers than actually helping them

@ Homecooked - yup it is quite funny. But it also makes me angry that people/organizations do not pause to think what makes effective advertisements. I felt that they were mocking Tamil readers!

chandni said...

too much!