Sunday moring update

As of last night we are without power. We spent the night at my dance studio with my dance teacher's family. The studio has power and running water. So we made good use of it.

We are keeping our fingers crossed hoping we get power soon. But then we are the lucky, ike really did not do anything much to us so we'll be fine.

Yesterday, as the first light came in around 7am with the winds still howling, we walked inside the house checked for leaks and indications of damage. Nothing. We peeped outside our windows, a few trees limbs down and we were fine. Later we walked and drove around and it depressed and scared us. We are not flooded in but there are huge trees uprooted, roofs blown off, sign boards twisted, traffic lights hanging in queer angles, power lines down. The damage in the 5-mile radius around home is bad. Which makes us more grateful for the fact that our house stood Ike without troubles.

Gulf Coast will need time and money to recover and I am not sure when things will vaguely resemble normal. We have pictures and once the power is back, they will be up.

Thanks and stay safe

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