The other side of the hurricane

Sometimes or rather many times I feel I walk with my eyes closed when life is normal. Rushing from A to B with millions of thoughts racing through my mind. I always say I'll slow down and enjoy the smaller things in life but never. This hurricane was a speed bump. Forcing me to slow down, appreciate smaller things and dump the schedule.

I have lived here, in this home for nearly 20 months. I hardly know my neighbors. A courtesy nod of the head or a wave has been my standard method of communication. Emails occasionally to discuss payments to the gardener. But without power for 3 days and counting, we are forced to the streets, we get to know each other, laugh, complain and say a prayer together that we were spared. We talk walks around the block stopping and talking with others in their yards because their TV is also out. We swap stories of fear, good ole days and nagging bosses. We help in the cleanup and as I step back into my home sans electricity, I feel richer and happier than ever before.

This is the other side of the hurricane I think

The picture taken from the bedroom window captures the beauty and resilience of nature - sunrise over medical center.

R is off to work today, my office is still without electricity and the house is still in darkness but for some lovely candles flickering away.

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