Hurricane Preparedness

Living in the US Gulf Coast, every year we prepare for hurricanes and it is a process. The city sends out a preparedness kit and tracking kit and other stuff. Obviously the closer to the coast you get the more precautions you need to take.

We live quite inland and so far we have not been ordered to get out and we do not want to add another car to the already clogged Houston roads. Our offices are closed tomorrow and we are as ready as we can be for Ike.

The typical disaster preparedness kit required for tiding over a hurricane listed by the city include

  • Stocking up water approximately 1 gallon per person for 3-7 days
  • Food supply - non-perishables
  • Medicines, first aid kits
  • Torch and candles
  • Radio - battery-operated
  • Gas in the car tanks
  • Toiletries
and such.

In addition, to all those we added BOOKS! With a minimum of 3 days off work and no reason to get out off
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home, I hit the library this evening and checked-out books I wanted to read, books that I need to read, books that sounded interesting, books that were recommended and the list continues.

Am getting on to a reading marathon the next three days as I watch Ike bring in rain and destruction. Fingers crossed and prayers!