Homecooked meal

Homecooked treated me with a wonderful recipe for my favorite Matar Paneer (oh yeah it was a small bribe for completing a tag from her on time ;)) So, I started cooking. By no means, am I a talented chef but at times I enjoy cooking and check out the results!

I did make some small adjustments to the recipe - instead of paneer, I used ricotta cheese (whisk 15 oz of cheese and spread onto a 8 inch pan, bake at 350 degree for 35 minutes, cool, cut into pieces and fry them) and substituted butter with oil and heavy cream with fat-free milk . These substitutions were mainly because I did not have the required items on hand and I wish I had made fresh paneer instead of using ricotta cheese. It just does not taste the same.

The ingredients

Thanks Homecooked! We loved your recipe!

And our dinner - Matar Panner with roti, pickle and curd


Anonymous said...

Hey Pooh...thanks a lot for the feedback. Hope you liked it. The pics are awesome...with the recipe book and all.Very creative!

Kavi said...

Fantastic pictures ! Shows the transitions and the process note rather nicely !

Pooh! said...

@homecooked... we loved the recipe and as I mentioned, I wish I had used fresh panner instead of ricotta cheese.

@Kavi thanks for the comments.. the lighting and photo credits go to R but the prop stylist was me.. our first step together into food photography.. more to follow

Anonymous said...

I would never have thought of using ricotta in place of paneer... But I like them both equally, so maybe I'd like matar ricotta! :)

Oh, and I love the photos, too!

Pooh! said...

Using ricotta instead of paneer is a common practice most Indians in US do. Mainly because it is readily available at the local grocery store. I substitute tofu instead of paneer also. I love ricotta but I felt that with the strong flavors and spices called for in the recipe, ricotta does not absorb the flavors easily just like tofu. And also ricotta crumbles more easily.

Photos the credit goes to R.. he has more photos from the session and it should be up this weekend at his blog www.lightpixels.blogspot.com