Classified ads!

If bored and you need something entertaining and fun to do (after checking all the mails, reading all blog posts, commenting, reading n replying to wall posts and scraps) online the best place to be is reading the fun stuff on classified websites like craigslist and backpage. Believe me, they are better the "fair, beautiful, slim, homely" matrimonial classified that grace Indian newspapers and websites.

I just came across this on Houston's Craigslist and doubled with laughter. Here is what the ad reads,

Painting for sale of which that have not yet been painted.

I am not an expert in painting but I have strong emotions. I do not have a porfolio but I have faint memories of what I have created in the past. My mind is creative but is handicapped because I lost the love of a girl and the obsession of my mind may have what caused the lost.

I will paint a painting of your choice and influenced by my handicapped creativity and broken heart for 1 million dollars. After I have painted the painting if it leads to the reuniting of myself and the heart that I long for then she will paint you a painting (she knows not of this).

Anyone got a million dollars to spare to buy the above mentioned paintings?