Fine prints and chocolates

We never knew about calorie count and the health stuff for the longest time.. and it was wonderful. Not having to worry about balancing carbs and proteins and separating good fat from bad. Eat this coz it provides this, that because of xyz.... gone are the days when we enjoyed ghee topped idlis and added copious amounts of ghee to parupu sadam for that special kick in taste...

With advancement of science and technology, there is more information on the Internet and magazines, reality shows and news channels spit out free news about the latest trends and must-eats, driving us crazy. The trends and diets change with the celebrities who endorse it. The latest fitness plans and size zero are big all over the world.
15 years back the fitness craze had not crept into our lives. Today at the grocery store, we do look at calorie per serving count of almost everything before we shop. And when in Hillcroft (Houston's Lil India) crib about not having nutritional info on the box of tamarind sours which we love.

Slowly and steadily we are becoming slaves to the calories and fine print. It is a habit we do not want to form. We do want to eat healthy, eat balanced meals and above all eat what we love. Everything in moderation and enjoyed is good food is the what we want ideally want to do. And from today, we plan to stop being a calorie-count slave and take time to local and homegrown food, even if it means a few more bucks and a trip on Sundays to the local farmers market!

And what set this off you wonder?A brainwave on a Thursday? This post in Fit Sugar. Calorie count on chocolate? Chocolate is an indulgence and it is quite a turn-off seeing those numbers printed on a bar of chocolate. What do you think? Would you prefer your favorite chocolate bar to have calories printed on it?

According to the poll on the site, 78% of the people think it is cool to have calorie count on chocolate. And we being the minority! Oh well, it is known that the residents at poohsden have some strange views and this is just another example

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Anonymous said...

im careful about what i eat but i never read the calorie content printed on packaged food... it totally kills the fun of eating the food!!!

Homecooked said...

When it comes to chocolates I dont think having the calories printed will make much of a difference to me :) It is pure heaven....and nobidy can mess with that!