Worth every minute

The weekend found us in Seattle. A good 4.5 hours flight from home. Add in the one hour drive to the airport, two hours before flight check-ins... it does make one exhausted completely. But the minute we stepped out of the airport and hit the streets of Seattle in the Nissan Rogue rental, we feel in love with Seattle all over again.

This was our second visit to Seattle (read about our previous visit here) and this is one city we would never grow tried of. In spite of the cold weather Seattle always charms us and wins us
over. Yes it is one city we won't mind living in despite its freezing temperatures and incessant rains. Coming from people who complain Texas Gulf Coast winters are horrible this is indeed an achievement.

Throw into a visit, old friends with whom you can sit and talk for hours without pausing or thinking about the politically correct answers, an adorable 6-week old baby, yummy food. Yes it makes the trip even more pleasurable.

Add in an unexpected twist - an old and very dear friend/brother from college days on a visit to Seattle the very weekend we end up there! Absolute happiness. 4 years since we met, the same easy flow of conversation, spicy and hot Thai food, lovely hosts and above all a walk back in time...Worth it completely!

A 40-mile drive on a wet, gloom afternoon towards Skagit Valley and getting blown away by the tulips. (Will write more about it on our travel blog soon) Perfect in all aspects!

The weekend was everything we anticipated it to be and more. Thanks for making it what it was and yes we are set for another whirlwind trip the coming weekend. Planning to visit more friends and create more memories!