Hobby+Passion = ?

Lovely bags aren't they? What are they made of? The answer is something so common, something you and me use everyday and vow to reduce its usage. yes the common plastic bag.

Myrecycledbags.com is my latest favorite website/blog. Cindy is one amazingly creative person to come up with a wonderful idea for using these plastic bags we always seem to have around.

For anyone with little crochet knowledge and tons of plastic bags this is an ultimate cool project. It will also be a great project for kids. The yarn used is made using plastic bags - plarn. There is a picture tutorial here and it looks quite simple.

With her new found hobby being crocheting, and a passion for a cleaner environment, V is ready to jump into this project soon.

Picture Source: My Recycled Bags


Homecooked said...

Hey nice one.Worth giving a try.Thanks for the link.

Homecooked said...

By the way,you are tagged.