The goodwill pile and the closet and emotions

One of the first remodeling attempts at the currently-no-so-new-home a year back was to install a nice closet system. Out with the apartment style wire rack with a wooden hanger rack and in with the perfect closet organization system for the home.

Off they went IKEA, they measured and measured more and finally after quite some pondering and sweat equity designed their own closets and assembled them. Something to take great pride in ... first attempts at something of that scale and surprises it worked...

She thought about it a lot and planned out whose clothes goes where and places for assorted stuff that include gifts, jewelery, handbags... They had the "his" and "her" space. It looked perfect! It was their dream house and dream closet....

Slowly over the period of time, she started encroaching on "his" space and he being the nice guy always let her take over.... After all all he needed were two pairs of blue jeans, a few maroon tees, a couple of formal pants and shirts (and yes make them maroon, greys work too). After every trip to the mall, every trip to India, every arriving package from India her collection grew and more encroachments.

A couple of months earlier, they looked into the space called their closet where their clothes were thrown haphazardly and we were at times jumping over things lying on the floor. Oh yeah it is worth mentioning here, that 99% of the times, the things gracing the floor are V's.

So donning hard hats and flashlights they decided to handle the closet and be merciless about clothes they have not worn in years but just occupy space. They decided and started with "his" stuff. It went on fast and quite smoothly. He really did not have that much stuff and a few lesser maroon tees did not matter to him. Clean and neat it looked!

Motivated she thought she can do it. She started off in earnest, but with time her to-donate-pile did not grow at a rate she expected it too. She carried on and after what seemed like hours. She considered it done and stepped out to pack the to-donate-pile for Goodwill.

His clothes went in easily into the big plastic bag. She pulled a discarded-grey-top from the pile and started folding it and her mind drifted off. Her fingers caressed the embroidered design and she smiled... memories of her grandmother holding the needle and working on it, the first time she wore it, the compliments she basked in and the sentiments she attached to it. She did not have the heart to throw it out, in spite of it being a little too tight and a lot out of fashion. It went back into the closet.

She pulled out the next dress, a green salwar top, well-worn, red roses covering it. Another creation from grandma... tons of memories... she had a stupid sentiment, wear only embroidered salwars for exams in college, her lucky charm or so she taught. Her mind raced to the numerous exam halls she sat in, the last minute cramming sessions in front of the exam halls and an mini-nervous breakdown (yeah she had one before every single one), an attempt to calm her down by the every-patient-N and then more prayers and fears till the pen hit the paper and then it was smooth sailing. The salwar went back to the closet, how can she do it.

He looked at her surprised and amazed at her stories... he never thought someone could attach such an emotional bond with their clothes.... the closet looks organized but the Goodwill-pile remains small!


chandni said...

I am lik that too...I refuse to part with an old t shirt tattered on all edges...but I still wear it too bed...nothing's more comfortable!

Kavi said...

Hmm ! Important point. And indeed..point to be noted !

Made me think of all the old shirts that continue to be the mainstay !

Lavs said...

Ha ha ha-I also have some clothes which I refuse to throw out coz there are million memories attached to them. Sigh! If only we can have special closets for memorable clothes that no longer fit/went out of fashion!!

Pooh! said...

Thanks Chandini, Kavi and Lavs. Some clothes are just too special. Many a times, I convert old shirts and tops into pillow covers, table runners, bags and other small stuff that I can use all over again.