The Rodeo Parade

Houston's downtown feels home to me today. The look at the familiar skyline as I approach the city after a vacation or a trip somewhere gives me peace- the feeling of being finally home. I never thought I will feel this way about Houston but slowly Houston won me over. Especially its downtown with the towering skyscrapers and architecturally awe-inspiring structures- it is my kind of place.

And this weekend the bustling metropolis transformed into something from a Wild Western movie - hoof beats, stagecoaches and carriages, cowboy hats and spurs, boots and the Texan swagger. The rodeo is in town and the celebrations were kicked off by the ConocoPhillips rodeo run and the parade through the streets of downtown.

Streets filled with enthusiastic people dressed in their Western best - jeans, boots and cowboy hats, radio talk show hosts vying for attention, the domino pizza man, the cotton candy seller, the cheap toys and knickknacks it was a perfect reminder of the temple festivities back home. Just that it was a little more organized and more clean before the horses started hitting the streets.

The rodeo run raises money for education and was open to participants of all ages. It was heartwarming to see young children walk and skip their way to the end line. And then came in the marching bands from various schools and colleges around town, the trail riders-on horseback they travel from all over Texas and Louisiana to attend the rodeo, the decorative floats, the Congressmen and Senators, the Marines and the police department and anyone else you can think of.

It was a colorful show-off of the other side of Houston. Of the culture deep-rooted in native Texans. It is fun and family-friendly. With the weather gods smiling on us, this years rodeo parade was a spectacle worth watching.

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