The good and the bad

The good and bad of the past few days at Poohsden,

The good:
  • Warm days and white puffy clouds doting the blue skies
  • Spring green leaves, blooming azaleas and beauty all around
  • Long talks late into the night and simple pleasures in life
  • Pig races, camel rides, longhorns and much more at the rodeo
  • Houston Rockets 22 straight wins
  • Plans and dreams for the big India trip
  • Catching up with college friends who have recently moved to US.

The bad:

  • Incessant coughing and just a too sick V
  • Non-stop hectic days at work for both V and R
  • Heavy torrential rains and high-speed winds
  • Just too many unfinished chores....

Life goes on.....