Earth day, Earth hour and the media has something or the other about global warming, climate change everyday. This nice slideshow on the 10 surprising results of global warming caught my eye.

Meanwhile, as with last year, I wish to spread around the word about environmental protection through my blog and so jump in and post in your blogs or leave a comment about,

What small steps you can do at home and at work, as an individual to reduce carbon emmissions and have a cleaner, greener environment?

The idea does not stop with posting about what can be done but it needs to be implemented also - at your home/work. If it is something that you plan to follow regularly, then an update after few months will be great!

There are lots of suggestions floating around the net, I'll be posting a few on my blog as we draw closer to April 22nd - Earth day. There will also be a lot of posts on environmental issues in my blog the next few weeks.

If there are more than 10 people participating in this Earth-day-blogathon hosted by Poohsden, I'll add in prizes for the most innovative suggestions and make the path to a cleaner,greener earth a ride worth taking!

Rules for Earth-day-Blogathon hosted by Poohsden

1. Post on your blog about "steps you/your family will make a part of your everyday routine that will help reduce your carbon footprint" by April 20th 2008.
2. Post a link to your post in the comment section of this post
3. Pass the word around.
4. Implement your suggestions and post an update in 2 months.

Meanwhile, check out my previous writings about environmental issues mainly pertaining to India here.

Note: If you do not blog but wish to participate, email your entry to poohsden[at]gmail[dot]com