Smile Please

You must have seen them around, admired their work, cribbed about them and complained about them. They are special creed of people; they talk about lights, angles, apertures and speed. And we do have one in our own household -the photographer!

There are so many incidences when we run into photographers and just get ready to kill them! Their so-called eye for detail and the skill to disturb the most intimate moments seems to be inborn. I have had one-to-many words with photographers and each experience just leaves me wishing I can kill them.

The first murderous instinct came-up during V's engagement party and she had a hard time explaining that she is not interested in his "artistic" abilities like adding weird graphics and images thrown in between. All she wanted was a record of events as it was. She was not going to pose with her saree spread out around her and shy and coy just for the pictures! We'll we just chalked it down to one crazy photographer and were ready move on!

And then happened this incidence, not-so-newly-wed after 5 full days of being married, V and R decked up and smiled to strangers for their wedding reception. If you have ever been to an wedding reception, you would notice, that the only activity there is strangers going up, giving gifts to the couple and posing for pictures. Seems harmless enough but if you are the couple being congratulated you just need a break. So during V and R's engagement party, as the crowd drifted on and off, the photographer tried his best to document moments. And for some reason, he could not cover the whole stage and he decided if V and R scooted closer to each other the pictures would be perfect. Well, thrown in two couples sharing the same stage, some over-sized uncomfortable, red velvet and silver colored chairs (I bet you have seen them at marriage halls around), a wave of well-wishers, some over-sized gift boxes, shredding garlands of flowers and cute kids hanging around, the place is a mess. The migraine creeping in, the heels taking sweet revenge on the poor feet, the incessant smiling, trying to remember names and faces and sweating in the kanchipuram saree all just adds to the ambiance. The photographer, just concentrating on his job kept on telling V and R to move closer, turn left, turn right and went ahead to comment that the couple had a fight and did not want to be "close" together. And yes, V lost it then and the poor photographer made sure he was on V's good books for the next couple of days for HS's wedding.

And ofcourse during our latest vacation, we end up with the notorious photographer aka the captain who just interrupted private moments with his camera. He did capture one lovely picture of V and R. But that was the picture taken at a totally inappropriate moment without asking V and R for permission. Baby bro, KA had a grudge against our dear photographer (mainly coz sis was pissed off with him) and he got his sweet revenge by asking him to pose for a photo.

Of course, R being a photographer has his own chronicles of how "subjects" behave! And that is coming up soon!