The past few days have just flown past us. The rehersals and preparations for the program took us a lot of time. But at the end of Saturday night, we were tired, exhausted and esctasic. Dancing does it to you..the pain, the fear, the happiness, the tiredness all a part of the parcel. The dance program was well-appreciated and yes we did have the usual hiccups but we survived!

Sunday was the first time in ages V and R slept in and just took it easy. We did watch the super bowl and V kind of expected the underdogs Giants to walk away with it just like they did. All the talk about the poor loser - Pats coach is making waves. Of course that guy never had to be a loser all of this season and suddenly he loses out obviously he will be a poor loser. And why is that the superbowl ads turn from bad to gross every year. I started listing the bad ads but then the list was growing too long and every ad was bad that I just stopped doing it!

And now it is back to work for both of them. With the big program behind, we have started making plans for other stuff. Some travel, catching up with old friends and times enjoying the warming weather. Spring is in the air (I know about the groundhog predictions but I don't care about them) I can't wait for times spent outdoors and enjoying my favorite season.

And hopefully I'll write more and keep this blog much more active! And I did make the 200th post the last time and never even bothered about it! But yes this blog is a little more than a year and 201 posts old! I am glad that I sustained my interest and keep it going in spite of some setbacks. And if you are a regular reader of my space, i would sure like you to drop me a line!


Lavs said...

Congrats on completing one year and 200 posts. Keep up the good work:-0

Pooh said...

Thanks Lavs.