The New Job and the old ones

As you probably know, V started her brand new first full-time job! It is sure a difference from working as a graduate assistant. The biggest difference being the working hours. As a graduate student, one loses track of day and night. Every waking hour is spent either TAing or trying out crazy ideas the adviser has. And now with fixed 8 hours of work, V kind of feels jobless! Gosh!

V's big dance program, Aaradhana is coming up in a few weeks. Sweating it out, is a pleasure! Details about the program are here. If you are in Houston, it would be great if you can drop in at the Meenakshi Temple Kalyana Mandapam on Feb 2nd for the program.

And we are still continuing our efforts with remodeling our home. The master bedroom is the next. The walls are painted, new furniture being put together. The room still has a long way to go. But it is fun and a pleasure to put in hard work and see the results.

And that is the happening at Poohsden!


Lavs said...

All the best for the job & dance program. I am truly jealous of you:-)

S.Sivashanmugam said...

8 hours of work n u feel jobless!
look out there more of the world waiting outside office and of course u do know that.