Sunny Memories

It was the picture perfect way to end the day. Blue skies, white fluffy clouds floating across, the bright sun playing hide and seek, chirping birds, a slight breeze one of those few warm days before winter came in. The thought of the weekend being right around the corner, bringing an extra wide smile to my face. Thursday is over, just another day before we jump head first into the laziness weekends bring with them.

And then there was this sound! Something so familiar, yet so strange. The sound setting off memory alarms. I knew it so well but I couldn’t just place the sound. Has that ever happened to you? You know it, you rake your mind but you just cannot place it. It was one of those scenarios. And then I could control no longer, forgetting all manners, I turn around to spot the source of the sound.

And as I turned around, I saw it zip past me. And the smile on my face widening, I thought it was quite similar to my dear old Bajaj Sunny! A two-wheeler - a rare sight in the US, and the sound that was music to my ears was the sound of the gearless scooter accelerating. It is a unique sound and something I have associated so much with my growing years and it was such a pleasure to hear it.

For years, my black Sunny was my very own Ferrari. I zipped across to school, to library, to the market in it. It was like the 1980s Onida ad, “owner’s pride, neighbor’s envy”. It gave me mobility and the freedom which every teenager dreams of. I remember zipping along as the first drops of rain drizzled, as the wind blew my hair around! And it was just the sound that brought back the memories!

And that put a big smile and a spring to my step: reviving memories, I continued walking towards the parking lot much refreshed! As they say, memories are forever!