Peach = Papaya???

V is a Bath and Body Works addict.. you know the place that sells body lotions and shower gels and 101 other things in a variety of aromas and colors. These are the people who add color and different aromas to the normal Vaseline body lotion that you can pick up at your corner drug store and call them sweet pea, sun ripened raspberry, moonlight blooming jasmine, moonlight path and fleece people. The same lotion goes into a variety of containers and are called foot cream, body butter, body cream and hand lotion. And the funny thing is there are folks (read women) like V who are addicted to the place.

V's latest body lotion is Midnight Pomegranate, her hand lotion is sensual jasmine vanilla, her foot lotion is rosemary and peppermint and her body splash (just another fancy name for deodorant) is wild honeysuckle!! Who can resist these names and the beautiful way they are sold... more than anything else I bet B&BW sells its products coz of its marketing... and this became evident yesterday..

V took out a new pale orange shaded bottle of sparkling peach shower gel. The front of the bottle decorated with peaches lush and fresh, a hint of the leaf, a perfectly halved peach... it was indeed a sight... an idle and yet curious mind turned it over and it read Velvety Georgia peaches glow in a summer orchard. Bright. Juicy. Vivacious. It was just so inviting.. just below it is a list of the Naturally Pampering Ingredients.... something Papaya and something Aloe Vera!! No mention of the lush peaches... and V is the papaya hater... even the thought of mushed up chemicals added papaya on her skin is ready to drive her crazy... another marketing gimmick!!


Kavi said...

marketing..! Thats the word. From now on, i am going to call it papaya to peaches marketing !

Coming to think of it, sometimes, one only wonders what marketers do to the human minds..