My Patriotism

This is something that irritates me. Just because I live in the US it just doesn’t give any resident Indian to question my patriotism. Yes I made a choice to celebrate my nation’s 60th year of Independence miles away. It was my personal choice and just because I live in Houston today doesn’t mean I am a bit less Indian than the one who lives in Hyderabad and sips the same contaminated coca-cola like me or the one in that AC office, with a fake American accents and flakier Westernized name.

I am very much an Indian and with every achievement of the country I personally rejoice. And yes you, resident Indian is one of the millions leading the nation to where it is today. Kudos to you. I applaud you. But quit judging me. Why do you think I cannot celebrate the Indian Independence day here? And you resident Indian tell me what you personally do on August 15th? Get up late, crib about the quality of Indian roads and traffic and spend time watching TV. Is that your great Indian passionate Independence Day celebration? Please quit judging me.

My life, my rules and I live it!


Kavi said...

Easy folks ! Patriotism resides in the innermost recesses of your heart ! And it is immune to geography ! And the external fascades are just that. Fascades !

yes ! Live life by your rules ! Thats the best way to live it !

And btw, you dont have to explain your stance to every TDH who questions / judges your actions..there are far too many of them around !

Pooh said...

Kavi.. just needed a space to rant.. it really pisses me off when people I do not know that well make personalized comments about my choices and judge me.