Heat advisory, cooling stations and the rest

Most of US has been under a severe heat wave and Houston being no exception. Temperatures hitting 100+. Personally I have no complaints, yes it is hot and the minute you enter the grocery store you freeze to death. But I survive. We were at a small serve yourself sandwich place and at one of the tables, I saw a woman in her late fifties, shabbily dressed doing some puzzles. She did look out of place at the sandwich shop with the Rice Village frequenting crowd. I noticed she just had a drink in front of her and no food trays or anything. Then a few minutes later, I see a cop enter the deli and go directly to the woman and kind-of question her and tell her to keep moving. The cop added that she had been there for around 3-4 hours just sipping a drink and carrying on with her work.It was then it hit me, the poor woman is one of the hundreds who are homeless or who do not have an AC at home to keep them cool this summer and there she was trying to spend the hot afternoon hours inside a cool building. I felt bad for her and it also made me wonder what the government or the city do to protect people from heat strokes and such. And I found my answer here.. is it the best solution? na no way! But atleast something...

And with the temperatures soaring, V and R have been content being at home and enjoyed the lazy, relaxing weekend. Small projects around home, a quick visit to the library to stock up, experiments in the kitchen... and now back to workday!