The bond that binds us

V and R

our siblings,
blood and otherwise,

It has been indeed a wonderful ride over the years and never can we imagine life without you. Thanks for being there for us and for doing small things that matter! We love you and we miss you!

A cute pic from the past, V's bro and cousins


Lavs said...

One of my friends had an expression for such photos-"PM & CM" PM=Periya Mottai CM=Chinna Mottai. I guess for this photo the caption can be PM, MM & CM. Periya Mottai, Medium Mottai and Chinna Mottai:-) What say?

Pooh said...

That does sound cute Lavs.. but the bros are now grownup! V is sure to hear from them when they see this pic on display at poohsden!