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Like millions around the world, I waited for the last book in the Harry Potter series on Saturday and was up till 2 a.m. that night finishing up the book. Reflecting back, it is amazing to accept that no wizarding world exists and there are no Hogwarts and Diagon Alley in the real world. J K Rowling, the author, has created a perfect world for anyone to take a trip to fantasy. The best thing about the book is that it is a good read for all ages. I enjoy it, my husband enjoys it, my young cousins enjoy it and, in fact, it has been many a conversation starters and savers with strangers.

No, I am not telling what happens in the book and you need to grab a copy for that. But overall I feel Rowling has tied together lots of loose ends in the final book and given us a series that the literary world would treasure. Beyond talks of dark magic, spells and death curses there are few things these books convey and it is that complicated yet subtly conveyed messages almost lost to the young reader that makes me admire Rowling more. Much more than her amazing creativity and ability to create a world all of her own.

All through the seven books, Rowling has conveyed through the various puppets she created mainly Harry, Ron, Hermione and Lord Voldemort, the basics of life. You know the usual things all parents teach their kids - the ones taught in the moral science classes in school. And it is the almost hidden messages that make these books special.

Unlike other super heroes, Harry is not the handsome, confident, know-it-all who rushes into burning fires and crumbling buildings to save the world. He is just another human being with fear of the future. He is the insecure rather unloved kid who is presentable at his best. He is not the best in studies or has had the undying support of family. He is the normal kid-next-door but he is the superhero of the series and that makes him special. It just projects the unwritten rule that to be the No 1, you need to work hard, trust your friends and instinct and be ready to face whatever is dished out. And above all, he is loyal and selfless, to his friends, the people who love and trust him and for these people he is ready to meet death. And isn’t that what parents teach their kids?

The next thing I love from the series are the mystical Dementors. These dark hooded creatures kiss their victims and suck away the victim’s soul. They suck away all good thoughts and leave the victim cold and dead within. And I look at these creatures as one’s fears. We all fear various things and there we go feeling all down and depressed. And how does Harry overcome these Dementors? The Patronus spell, a chant, the wave of the wand and most importantly, happy thoughts drive away the Dementors. And don’t we do that to our fears? And best of all, the Patronus spell works the best with practice, the more you think happy, the more easily you over ride soul-sucking fears. Another lesson from the cradle.

But the best thing, I admire Rowling for blending in easily from book one is the power of love. Especially a mother’s love. So powerful, so strong that even the darkest lord’s killing curse will not harm the child. And Rowling keeps it through till the very end. Love and just love differentiates Harry and his arch enemy, Lord Voldemort. And it is love that makes Harry the hero and Voldemort the villain. Simple and yet powerful!

If you have not yet read the books, pick them up somewhere and start reading them. It is an entertainer for all ages!


Lavs said...

JKR is one amazing writer. Pity such books do not bag prizes