Happy Birthday !

Wishing V a very Happy Birthday many more happy returns of the day!

As V adds another candle to her cake, let's wish her a great year ahead much like the year that just passed and even better!! This year after a long time she got to celebrate her special day with her grandma and lil baby bro! Grandma made Gulab jamuns and vadais - V's favorite dishes to celebrate the occasion!

The past year had V enjoy a few good trips, join her masters degree program and have her family come over for a vacation. Hopefully the next year would bring more of the same: successful completion of her masters, a job, more trips and lots more fun with R and me!!!


Lavs said...

Many more happy returns of this day!

Pooh said...

thanks a lot Lavs

Kavi said...

Belated wishes ! nevertheless, full wishes ! All the very best ! May the year be the harbinger of the great things to come !