The moment of truth

It was inevitable. She knew she had to face the aftermath someday and it was the D-day. And there she was, left to face the music alone. Thinking back about the life she lead for the past month, she just sighed. It was easy to lose control, with temptations all around and the gang encouraging her, giving her the support she needed. And there she stood today, forcing herself to take the step forward and face the consequences. The world around her was now laughing at her. She can no longer run and hide. It was the moment of truth, she had to do it. She could see his face stand out amongst the sea of people. Was he laughing at her or encouraging her? She didn’t think any more, she was not ready wait any longer. She was ready to take the plunge. She closed her eyes and took her stand, fingers crossed, praying to all possible Gods she stepped on the weighing scale.

And that was V’s mind racing as she built up the courage to step on the scales this morning. After a month of eating all the wonderful concoctions V’s mom and granny whipped up, it is time to step on the scales!

And no! I am not telling the readings from the scale!


Kavi said...

I read with greatinterest as to what all the 'build up' was about ! Phew Pooh... ;)