Green around the gills

I am sure there are many households like our very own, thrown into a confusion due to the every changing green card processing scenarios. If you are totally unaware of the situation please remain ignorant! Ignorance is bliss! But if you are like us forced to understand the complications, you have my pity! And if you are one of those eager people always ready to learn… please don’t contact me! I barely know enough and you should have heard me explain stuff to V’s family!

Well here are some drastic changes in life, till day before we had a wonderful vacation planned to Galapagos.. now gone as a dream and till day before yesterday V thought she had planned out where her research was going and how and when she planned to graduate.. gone with the wind!!

And to all those you are running around to get their I-140’s and I-485’s filed good luck.


Kavi said...

Good luck folks ! There is a lot of print on the same and a few friends also working on it ! I guess there is one more to the list !

All the very best !