Being a Texan!

Texas reminds most people of the vast Wild West deserts, lone star cowboys, rodeos and ofcourse the BBQ’s. Texans love their BBQ and no visit to the Lone Star State will be complete without a BBQ place. My personal favorite is the Goode Company BBQ place on Kirby. Try their baked potatoes! It's worth dying for!

And what better way to entertain visitors than enjoy an evening of BBQed goodies. And that’s what we did the other evening. We fired off the grill at our patio, threw in some veggie burgers, tandoori chicken, veggies and let the smoky flavor fill the house. A variety of condiments and some fresh salad completed the meal.

Here’s the simple marinade we use for our tandoori

Yogurt, ginger-garlic paste, salt, chilli powder and some lemon juice in appropriate proportions.


Curtis said...

Saw your note in Bloglines forum. From Texas?
I am a Texan now living in GA. Havn't seen any real BBQ in four years. They do pork down here. Taint the same thing.

Pooh said...

We live in Houston! thanks for dropping in my blog