AR Rahman show - 2

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So finally, there were people on stage and all I could see was people draped in white spandex running around the minuscule stage. The stage was not really small but with all the instruments set, it did look small. The first song and all that caught my attention was those mummy kind of dancers. I bet Rahman wanted to make a dramatic entry with those dancers but unfortunately the dancers kinda took over the stage and running wild in all directions. Craziness I call it.

Finally there were songs, singers, Rahman and ofcourse the dancers. I really have not understood why we need dancers in a music show. I bet every single person in the audience was there to see Rahman and his troupe sing and not see those dancers with their bigger than life props dance around. It was a small stage and hence they were bumping into the singers and generally drawing attention from the singers which I didn’t like. No I have nothing against dance or dancers but it was not what I wanted in a music show. If I wanted to see a dance I would have been at a downtown theater watching the Houston Ballet. Kathak costumes, dancers on boxes, ropes, ribbons and everything on stage, Why? Why? Why?

The singers who I could identify were Hariharan, Chitra, Sadana and Sukwinder. Rahman failed to introduce the others who sang and I am sure they would have loved the applause and I would have loved to attach a name to the voices. Living in US, we don't have that much access to page 3 gossips and glossy prints. We listen to music , admire a voice and sometimes attach a name to the voice. But we do need to attach a face to the voice and that is one reason why many of us attend such concerts. Someone told me Vijay Yesudas was there, but sorry I don’t know who he is! Is this the nurturing touch provided to young singers?

But the biggest disappointment was the choice of songs. I was looking forward for some all-time hits of Rahman and all I got was 4 songs from Shivaji and I didn’t even know they were from the movie. And they sure are not Rahman’s best work. I can understand 1 song from Shivaji but four? Was Rahman testing our patience? There are such wonderful songs from Roja, Bombay, Kandukondein Kandukondein, Alaipayuthey, Rangeela and I could keep on going and Rahman chooses some crappy songs. Guru songs were good but all songs together at the end? What were you thinking Rahman? Unlike Indian audience, US audience thrives on old-hits. That is the music we associate with India and Rahman and not Shivaji songs which we have never heard of. A big disappointment!

And there were other aspects of the show like the blond Hooters kinda American female literally throwing herself at Rahman and blowing kisses at Rahman! A good laugh!And the group of guys dancing and moving forward and everytime escorted back to their seats!

And to cap of the show were the eye-candies or should I call them arm-candies? Why on earth do we need, gals decked up in sarees and high-heels, doing a cat-walk giggling with excitement escorting sponsors to stage? I wish I had some answers to these questions!

And while on the topic of questions, could someone please enlighten me why Sukwinder Singh sings songs which he can’t do justice to? He cannot sustain the high-pitch in Chaiya Chaiya and he is more worried about imitating Elvis Presley!

To wind things up, I would say there were around 10 good songs worth listening to and you can go to the show for those but to listen to those songs you got to put up with delays, Sivamani's usual drum solo show-off (it is good the first time you listen to it and ofcourse being Rahman's friend Sivamani gets special recognization!), Indian rapper, Shivaji songs, India’s own Elvis imitations and the oh-so-great dancers distracting you!

With inputs from KA and V's dance friends PD, SV and KB! Thanks!


Vichika said...

Exactly what we thought of the show! :)

Kavi said...

I guess thats a learning for me ! You folks are not tuned into

That there is a lead time for the latest songs to get popular over there ! Over here, you find a deluge of the songs, that you cant miss them at all. Buses. Bus Stands. Taxis. Autos. Radio...!

I hope Rehman and the other Indian performers understand..and do justice. To their own stature