Summer Fruits

There are certain things in life, which we conveniently forget, and all it needs is a sudden jolt to bring back memories. Simple things that were a part of the growing up ages suddenly disappear and we try to act more grown-up forgetting simple pleasures of life. Remember the days when climbing trees and picking out the best mangoes and guavas brought a smile to you face? How many times have you said that fruits tasted the best off the tree without worries about washing them and cutting them? How many times have you felt that the fruits off you neighbors tree were the best and tried sneaking in? And how long has it been since you remembered these stuff?

As time passes we conveniently forget things and today we live in other world miles apart and think more about buying organic and fat-free foods and forget that there were times when we cared the least about washing fruits and eating them. Summer brought with it fruits of the season, the trees loaded with mangoes, custard apples and guavas in V’s home back in Trichy. There was countless hot, humid summer days spent languishing on the branches of the mango and guava tree, plucking fruit after fruit, fighting for them, eating them and just enjoying them.

And instead of heading to the produce department at my local grocery store to stock up on the berries of the season (strawberries, blueberries and blackberries.. don’t I love summer for its fresh berries?) we headed out to Kings Orchard to pick some. And it is an experience of a lifetime. The next time you see a fruit picking sign, just forget your plans for the day and stop by, it is a free fun day for people of all ages.
Kings Orchard is located some 45 miles away from Houston, close to Lake Conroe. We picked a wonderful day to go there – a lazy Saturday morning, with a wonderful wind cooling the hot Texas summer. Armed with sunscreen, hats and bottles of water we headed out with our baskets. Our first stop was the ripening blackberry vines, after a few sour ones we learnt to pick the sweet berries and enjoy the flavor. The next stop was the strawberry patch. The last crop of the season was ready and the fruits big, red, ripe and juicy. We filled the baskets to our heart content and ate and ate. It was like a mini treasure hunt for grownups. Spotting the biggest fruit and popping it into you mouth and let the flavors explode, the juice dripping! With juice stained fingers and heavy hearts we moved to the blueberry patch. The first fruits of the season were just ripe and yes we are going there again soon to pick them.

We also picked some fresh, sweet cherry tomatoes and tender white corn. In all the experience is amazing and learning. It is also a time for bonding with nature and your family. It is family fun! Get your hats out and head out for fruit picking this weekend.


Kavi said...

Looks like you guys are having a good time ! particularly liked the last snap ! Kind of shows the generations !