Heights of fashion or is it beauty?

Outrageous is the only word I can think of. I am not sure how others feel about the whole thing. Let me assure you, I am not a big beauty with a purpose advocate or something. Just happened to see these pictures in some website.

I am really not sure what the idea behind the national costume round is, but I guess it is about how the contestants showcase their respective countries and are able to carry themselves in their national attire. Ofcourse it is a big event for the designers as they want to showcase their skills. But what is the national costume of a country? Talking about India, some people consider saree to be the national costume, others the lehanga and others might even say it is the salwar kameez. So what decides that an attire qualifies as a national costume? Something passed down over the year and the inevitable modifications and transitions to announce the changing generations and something which somewhere someone still wears!

Check out the costumes below,

Miss Dominican Republic

Miss Uruguay

Miss Aruba

Miss Brazil

and ofcourse Miss India

Photos source : Miss Universe website


Kavi said...

Dont quite know if they some of these costumes are designed to walk around or fly around ! At what cost..!

manju said...

just demonstrates teh creativity(!)of fashion designer