R, the sports fan

R is a sports fan - always has been. Growing up, cricket was THE sport, watching Kapil and Sunny, debating the exclusion of Jimmy Amarnath, he was a typicalIndian sports fan. Coming to the USA, he added more sports to his collection - College football, NFL, NBA and finally college basketball (As A&M started gaining prominence). Sports provides the passion for your team bundled with the thrill of the competition and is a good emotional roller coaster for the heart!

However, he keeps sports in its perspective - after all its just a game! He sees fans cross the line and become fanatics - It amuses and sometimes scares him. The reaction in India during cricket matches (students lighting camphor in the hostel TV room when Tendulkar comes to bat!! ) is over the line and so is the backlash when the team fails! Similarly in the college sports world fans fill forums with hate message when a coach doesnt perform well or leaves to go to another school - Thats what happened when the aggies coach Billy Gillispie left suddenly to University of Kentucky. R knew that another good coach would come along and take the job as Mark Turgeon has. Life goes on.... sports is an amazing ride for the heart - Live it - dont live for it!