Open it Wide!

Well when growing up V’s mom dreamt that she would be a doctor and V said no and mom agreed after all being a doctor means 5 years MBBS and then specialization and then V’s mom looked at other career choices for V and made a suggestion... V screamed her head off and said “I never will spend my life putting my hands into someone’s mouth” Well you guess it V’s mom wanted her to be the much dreaded dentist!
Today, both V and R are not dentists and both of them do not plan to make a career switch and get into dental school in the near future. Then why write about dentist now you may ask. Well V had a much dreaded dentist visit yesterday to fill up some cavities.
She had been putting it off for a while citing school and exams as an excuse and finally she ends up under the lights, on the reclining chair with her mouth wide open .(Lucky for me V’s dentist doesn’t treat bears!) V, the smart one opted to sleep instead of watching a movie and with lavender filled eye mask in place she tried to forget that there were 2 people digging into her mouth with instruments that look like construction equipment(which she knows all about! she spent four full years trying to learn how to construct building! the civil engineer V) crowbars , plyers, spades, drills, soldering iron, vacuum pumps all playing merrily in her mouth. Numb and trying to relax V mentally rehearsed the dance item she is currently learning, she even went over her research plan (something she never does) and all the while the dentists kept digging. They assumed V to be asleep and I wonder how anyone can sleep with their mouth propped open by a jaw pillow (or whatever it is called) and the sound of a vacuum sucker motor right next to your ears and two people discussing if the cavity was in the gum or the tooth. The radio cooed some song I never have heard and V kept her eyes tightly closed under the eye mask for 2+ hours willing the process to get over and her bladder to wait a few more minutes.
V is not the one to be scared of dentists, afterall she has a history of dental problems be it being a calcium-deficient baby with bunny rabbit teeth till she was three (for more details contact V’s mom, she sure loves telling all embarrassing stories about V’s childhood and talking about how her baby has grown-up and from there she’ll jump over to how she wishes for a grandkid!!) or the crooked teeth that need braces when she was 13. She has visited a wide range of dentists and their clinics and witnessed their techniques and tested their patience. She is a seasoned veteran to dentist visits but she still hates it!
And after yesterday’s episode, V is left with a sore gum and hungry. Drinking soups for lunch and dinner is no fun believe me! Well nothing against the dentists, they did their job and I hate their profession and not them personally! I wonder if they have friends outside their profession.. hmm thinking about it we really don’t have any dentist friends…

And just a note – this is another attention-seeking rant from V... ;) and remember to brush and floss regularly guys


Kavi said...

Some good food for thought ! isnt it ?! :)

amma said...

Thatz really true-you are getting old and I next a real little kid to talk about now!The innocent smile and the soft skin-hmmm itz time you made mom happy !