Friends atlast!

There are friends who have been always with you, you click off the minute you meet them, some people walk into your life and leave an impression and there are people who have been always around and you never got around knowing them better and suddenly one day you get to talk to them and realize what a great friend the other person will make and then blooms a great friendship. This post is for the latter category of friends. Friends who were just acquaintances and latter became V’s best friends.. HP, VR, and KK this post is for you guys!


Well I am sure he will be fuming mad at me. He would have been expecting a sure mention in my blog long long back but I never got around doing it. Well I knew HP from V’s high school days and they were never friends. They were in the same class and knew each other. And I bet at some point of time they even hated each other. Then somewhere along the journey of life, emails, phone calls and today they are great friends. They have been through each others ups and downs. Heard each others sob stories and happy endings! Here’s wishing HP a very happy ending in his love story!


He is V’s college friend.. hung out with the same group, knew each other and then the final months of college got to be great friends. They can talk for hours without worries and would discuss anything under the sun. There are times when they have spoke about not taking the time to get to know each other better long back. But as I always felt, atleast you are friends now and you have the whole lifetime ahead! VR is now in the US and enjoying life with his family and fiancĂ©.


KK and V never took the efforts to get to know each other during the month they spent on the projects at IITM. Mainly coz of the surrounding group of well-meaning, fun-loving friends. (Sapians you rock! Another post about you guys coming up soon!) But after the month at the jungles of IITM we moved on with life and now KK is in US pursuing his higher studies and V and KK are great friends. Long talks, teasing each other and just having a good time the way only old friends can. KK here’s wishing you a great future in whatever you decide to… and good luck with your numerous dates ;)

There are special memories about each of these people and a place in our lives. Thinking about it, there are quite a few friends I still haven’t spoken about! There are people whom we have lost in touch with and hope to get in touch with them soon and there are people who are always around keeping abreast with the happenings! And as you read this take a lil time off your busy schedule to catch up with your friends and memories! It is a great trip down the memory lane and believe me your day will seem amazingly better after one short trip!

and To all our friends!! We are so glad you are a part of our lives and we hope to catch up with ya guys soon!