Earth Day Competition

April 22nd is Earth Day intended to inspire awareness of and appreciation for the Earth's environment. The environment has been a source of inspiration for all of us. And currently V has been motivated by Mr.Blackburn to take a look at environmental law. The buzz words in the current US environmental law scenario being global warming, carbon dioxide emissions and sustainable development. But I know it and you know it, India has a long way to go in protecting its unique, diverse environment and it is the duty of every citizen to take small steps there.

And for the next week, our blog will discuss a lot of environmental issues, global and local. Special focus on issues pertaining to India and how we can go about doing the same.

And to get everybody thinking and spread awareness, we at Poohsden have decided to have a competition. Here are the details,

“What do you think needs to be done to get Indians more aware of their environment and how do we go about protecting it? What in your opinion will be the ideal law to get things moving in the right direction?”

You can post your views in your blog and email a link to

The winner will be decided by a poll starting from May 5th. The winner gets to choose a 16x20 enlarged, mounted photo by R (from his blog), shipped anywhere in the US or India. We can work out something for people from other countries.

It would be great if you can spread word around, might be a link in your blog. All entries will be posted on the poohsden.

Do you bit, for a greener, cleaner earth for the future generations


Anonymous said...

The best way is to catch them young and educate them.Teaching should start at school level itself

Medini said...

Hello V & R,

Love your blog. Keep it up.
This is a great idea. Hope you get a lot of ideas.

I don't know whether you know that Mayor Shubha Raul of Mumabi - (3rd woman mayor of mumbai) has declared a war on spitting. Her main enemy: paan, gutkha and tobacco spittle. Raul’s opening gambit will be to levy double the regular amount of fine for spitting on those caught spitting out paan or gutkha.

I think this will make a BIG difference in cleaning up the city.

Ashwin Hariharan said...
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