V's soul searching..

Okie everyone!! it is official!! V's off soul searching!! It happens every once in a while and millions of thoughts criss-cross her mind and I have given up trying to keep track of them.. Have left her in the cave with boxes of Kleenex (yes!! she is sobbing her heart out for no apparent reason!!) and loads of chocolates (what is with chocolates and mood swings??).. she'll sure get over it soon.. and will come out hopefully wiser.
If she makes any major life altering decisions I'll sure let ya'll know! Yes and this is the time she expects to be remembered and dear longlost friends take note.. leave a comment, send a mail or whatever!
Boy! I do hope she cheers up morrow!! We are off to the big top to see the Corteo by Cirque Du Soleil. Look forward for my take on Corteo coming up soon


Siva said...

You spoiled my forth comming week end.
Yes im going to sit on you blog spot and explore it this week end.