Rodeo review

Well, Ive got to start this entry with an apology. I had promised a review of the rodeo yesterday, but spent the day playing with my new mate, Crawly! See my blog from yesterday for a pic of him! Anyways, here's my take on the Houston Rodeo:

Thankfully R was able to get off work early and we took the shuttle to Reliant Stadium. Entering the arena, the atmosphere reminded me of all the exhibitions and chitirai porutkatchis I've been to in India. A lot of stalls, games, rides and air smelling of fried and sinfully good food ... As V likes to put it, its a 'thiruvizha', 'jallikattu', 'maatu sandhai' all put in one, served Texas style! V&R first took me to see the livestock!! There were so many cows!! Big, big cows, much bigger than their relatives in India. It surprises me that they let those big cows inside the Reliant Center... who in the right mind will let them in? I guess I should pen down a song "who let the cows in??" Well might be these realized the Holy Cow concept and let the cows in for good luck...(you know like how they get the cows inside new homes..;) Well I can just home that atleast these cows bring some luck to the Texans (the Houston American football team) next season!! I am real tired of them losing to everyone.. Well that is a another story for another day) I wanted to see some rabbits, but we couldnt find them. Next we went into the stadium to see the big show. We sat through calf roping, bare bronc riding, team roping and saddle bronc riding. It was a fun show, even though I felt bad for the calf that was being roped :( After that we headed out to the food stalls (well this is the reason why I came to the rodeo right ;)), and V&R got me some quesadillas... comfort the Tex-Mex style! But I was shocked by the sky-high prices... gosh! I could have walked into my favorite

Tex-Mex place (and that would be Chuy's in the River Oaks area) and had a full dinner for the price I paid for a measly plate of quesadillas and a hint of pico!! Then we walked around the carnival with so many rides and games. I remember those scary rides and laughter all around....V & R played a game to see who was a better marksman. V won!! :) and she got me Crawly - me newest friend! By then, it was getting cold outside and V and R started thinking about their next day at work... So we rushed back home. It was a fun trip!!
Btw what were they thinking??? and how did they get the thing up?